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6 Essential Nutrients Cats Need to Thrive

essential nutrients for cats

Many essential nutrients are required in a cat’s diet. Cats are harmless creatures, and they cannot read food labels. It depends on us how we feed them.

A dedicated cat lover will always go for the perfect diet for his cat. All of our choices will have a significant impact on their lifestyle and quality of life. So beware of what you choose for your little buddy.

Just like all of us, there should be essential nutrition for cats. We have to protect them from any health measures.

Although many brands sell products with essential nutrients for cats, we will discuss a few of them here.

1-Proteinaceous Food

Cats are strict carnivorous animals. They cannot even survive if they do not get meat in any form. Meat contains a protein that are essential nutrients for a cat’s diet.

All the essential nutrients like amino acids are provided by animal protein. A completely balanced diet of cats includes meat in the form of chicken, fish and beef.

Eggs are also a source of protein for cats. When you treat your cat with healthy food, it helps in the regeneration of the body tissues. It is also very important for the healthy functioning of their body.

Proteinaceous foods strengthen your cat’s claws. They also make their fur healthy and strong.

2-Fatty Acids  

Essential nutrition for cats is required for their healthy growth. Fats are one of the essential nutrients for cats. Cats can get fats from animal fat. They count as the main source of energy for the cats.

Some fats are termed as ‘Good Fats’. They are found naturally in meat and fish. Most importantly, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are also found essential nutrients for cats.

Fats also help in maintaining your cat’s body temperature. They are fundamental units of your cat’s diet. They provide energy to cats and also help in absorbing vitamins.


Carbohydrates are not seen as essential nutrients for cats. They are not required in a large quantity for your cat’s diet. However, they play an important part in a cat’s body.

Carbohydrates are a quick energy source for cats. They are easily digestible and are required to be present in all cat foods. Wheat and rice are the sources of carbohydrates for cats.

They are also provided as grains. These grains are also already present in your cat’s commercial foods. They have carbohydrates that are pre-treated to provide energy to cats. Also, they are good for absorption inside your cat’s body.

Legumes and other sources of carbohydrates like raw soybeans contain many anti-nutritional components. So you should avoid them in a cat’s diet.


Water provides the best essential nutrition for cats. It is to be consumed daily by cats in fresh form. It has many uses in a cat’s body.

Water helps in the distribution of essential nutrients correctly in a cat’s body. It also maintains the temperature of your cat’s body and removes toxins from its body.

Water is also an essential nutrient for cats as it metabolises the nutrients inside the cat’s body.

If your cat does not drink water enough for its requirements, use wet foods or canned foods as they contain water in them. They act as a source of hydration and are made up of 78 to 80 % of water.

Lastly, it would help if you always placed a bowl of freshwater near your cat’s den.


You should feed vitamins to your cats in a very balanced proportion. They are essential nutrients for cats.

Vitamins are mostly synthesized from your cat’s commercial foods. That is why they should be fed to your cats. A nutritious diet is crucial for cats to grow healthy.


Minerals are also one of the essential nutrients for cats. They have many functions in a cat’s body such as 

  • Formation of enzymes 
  • Balancing the pH levels 
  • Transport of oxygen 
  • Utilization of nutrients

There are various types of minerals. The elemental minerals are obtained from water or earth, whereas chelated minerals are obtained from organic foods. It helps in the easy absorption of minerals by our body. 

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