How to Adopt a Rescue Kitten

According to many researches, it is seen that more than 3 thousand kittens are rescued every year. There are many kittens that need to be rescued. Many are adopted afterwards.

Kittens deserve love and affection especially after they are rescued. They try to get attention and are very fun loving. They are social animals and are adopted to take care of.

Rescued kittens are of different natures. They are adorable and have a unique story of their lives. They also perceive things differently. Moreover, they have a ready made personality.

When you are adopting a rescue kitten, it is one of the most beautiful ways to be grateful as you are saving a life. By going through this article would help you to make the right choice when it comes to adopting a rescue kitten.

Here are the basic steps that you should know while adopting a kitten.

Knowing the Age and Personality of The Rescued Kitten

When you are about to adopt a rescue kitten, you have to understand which kitten is the best for you. When you know that you have spare time, then you can adopt kittens as they require much attention and care.

But if you think that you don’t have enough time to look after a kitten, you can go for adult kittens. This is because they are already trained enough to survive in your absence as well.

Understanding Your Financial Situation  

Once you have planned it, you need to know more about the adoption of a rescue kitten. You should know that whether you are financially stable to buy one of them or not. There are many other things to buy with it.

Your kitten’s collar, den, litter box, toys, and everything has to be counted before in its budget too. So be careful about your income and financial situation before you opt to adopt one of the rescued kittens.

Furthermore, you may also have a rented house where they can ask for a pet fee. It counts separately, so you have to pay that separately.

Family Discussion and Home Services

Kittens also need a home to live in. A separate pet room or a small den is required for its individual use. Once you have planned to purchase a new rescue kitten, you need to look for space in your home.

There should be enough space in your home for your new pet: a den of its own, a litter box, and its toys. All these things can cover some space in your home.

Kittens also love scratching, so you have to be careful about what is around them. There should be a separate scratching toy for it, so it does not go towards furniture or other stuff.

Another most important thing is that you may be living with your family or roommates. You have to take their consent before you adopt a rescue kitten for yourself.

Do not adopt a kitten when you have little ones at home. They may not be used to animals and can become fearful after seeing them. It is better to adopt a rescue kitten after they have grown up a little.

Prepare Your Home  

Kittens love to have their territory. Once you have made up your mind to adopt a rescue kitten, make her a home. Create a small den for it and put its litter box in it. Also, put some food tray in it and a bowl of water.

After putting all the necessary steps for it, you can bring your kitten home and let her live there. Let her feel comfortable in her new home for a few weeks. After that, you can openly let her out and play with her.

Consult a Veterinarian  

Your little buddy may need a doctor anytime if it feels sick. Appoint a specific veterinarian for your kitten. So, every time you go to him, he should know how your kitten behaves.

Your kitten can catch infections from parasites or ticks, and mites. So it is preferable to visit a vet in such situations.


Adoption of a rescue kitten is a grateful act. You will love her and make her feel comfortable at your home. You should also provide her all the necessary things she loves.

Appoint a vet for her future purposes, too.