Cat Adoption : Things To Know

Adopting a cat is a truly rich experience. Cats are good companions. They adapt well to the new environment and can not only be a pet, but but also quickly become a full member of the family. In short, it is better to have a cat! Let’s look at some key things to consider before adopting a cat.

 1) Before adopting a cat

Cat adoption is a decision that must be unanimous in your family. You all need to live in harmony, so everyone must be aware of the many responsibilities of pet owners.

The life span of a cat can exceed 15 years, so the decision to buy or adopt a cat should never be taken lightly. This is a long-term commitment that needs to be carefully considered and discussed in detail. Even if your children are begging you to take their pet and promising to help care for them, remember that the responsibility of caring for your new cat will largely rest with you.

There is also a budget issue to consider. All cats have basic needs like food, grooming and veterinary care. Also, please consider which cat is best for you and your family. There are many types of cat breeds, each with its basic characteristics. Of course, other factors such as age, gender and personality need to be considered when choosing a cat. What is best for you?

2) Remember: cats are very stubborn

Who does not know the saying: “Dogs have masters, cats have service.” Indeed, cats don’t follow us everywhere like good dogs. But that’s why some people like them. Hop on tables, pull up curtains or eat plants: cats do what they want. Of course, you can teach them some rules for living with four-legged friends. But don’t expect them to always respect them. A well-known proverb goes: “When the owner is gone, cats dance”.

3) Cats don’t like to live alone

If you want a domestic cat, it’s best to adopt a second one. This has many advantages: you can leave them alone without remorse, because you know they always have someone to play with. If you really want one cat, learn about cat breeds that don’t like to live in groups. But in this case, you will have to spend a lot of time with your pet. By being the only cat in the family, outdoor cats can live well. They have enough work to do outside and sometimes even find their own partners.

4) Sustainable responsibility

Spontaneously vacation, lying in bed until noon or looking for a new apartment…In the future, no matter how big or small you decide, you must consider four-legged roommates. Therefore, before adopting a kitten, please consider that it will change your life in the long term! Many people think that life with cats is very beneficial. But some people do not realize the responsibilities associated with keeping pets. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of cat abandonment.

5)  Cats can climb (almost) everywhere

Whether climbing to the top of the cabinet or on the shelf, many cats are climbing artists. Some are even talented and can open the door and use your absence to visit the cupboard where treats are stored. Warning: Some cats take a nap in the washing machine or sneak into the garage or even the car as soon as you turn your back. Unlike most dogs, cats walk on tables, countertops, or windowsills. In short, with a cat, you must always be careful that it does not put itself in danger. If you are worried that your cat might escape, you can use a fence that is at least two meters high to protect the garden or balcony. Don’t forget to ask the landlord for permission if necessary!

6) Cats are hunters

Suddenly in the middle of the night you hear screams in your room? Your cat probably brought a visitor with him. If you want to adopt an outdoor cat, remember there is a risk that it will bring home prey. Sometimes they bring them dead and sometimes alive to play with. In addition to mice, young birds and goldfish are also some of the prey that can fall between the cat’s paws. Some cats put the booty on the doormat to offer it to you. If you want to adopt a cat, you must accept this personality trait of your future roommate. Yes, cats cost money, give us extra work, and sometimes play with our patience. Doesn’t that discourage you? It’s because you have tough skin and a big heart! With humor, patience and love for your pet, you will overcome the challenges of living with a cat! And then, when the cat purrs in your lap, all your troubles are quickly forgotten! We wish you a lot of luck with your new cat!