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Why is my cat attacking me for no reason?

cat aggression
my cat viciously attacked me

Cause #2: Does my cat like to be petted?

Symptoms of the petted-biting cat

Your cat jumps on your lap and gets comfortable, seems happy and you start petting it… but suddenly… “Bang!” it bites you! It may then leave, frustrated, or it may still decide to stay with you ( and bite you again if you try to pet it again). It’s incomprehensible, isn’t it?

In reality, this situation is much more common than we think. These cats, which are rightly called petting-biters, are individuals who will enjoy being close to their human (or even on top of their human), but will not like being petted in a certain area of their body and/or if the petting lasts too long. Often, the cat will warn before biting, at least the first few times, but most people will miss the signs, ignore them, or not understand them. Eventually, some cats will decide not to warn before biting because they never get a response other than biting the hand that irritates them.

Solutions to make your cat enjoy being petted

The solution lies in prevention, observation and respect for the cat.

Prevention: You need to learn to avoid doing things your cat doesn’t like when you pet it. If your cat doesn’t like to be petted on the flanks, then that area should be avoided. If your cat only likes to be petted twice, then you should not do three times. By avoiding what the cat doesn’t like, it will stop biting and be even happier to be around you.

Observation: To know your cat’s limits, you need to learn to recognize the signs it shows when it is uncomfortable. These signs are called signs of stress, or signs of discomfort. Of the signs of discomfort, the easiest to recognize is tail whipping. If your cat starts swinging or wagging its tail, stop touching it (or whatever you are doing) immediately. Your cat should relax and stop wagging her tail.

Respect: by respecting the cat’s signs of discomfort and by stopping doing what the cat doesn’t like, it will have more and more confidence in you, it will warn you longer before biting (to give you time to understand) and eventually, it won’t bite anymore because you won’t make mistakes when petting it! You will also discover what your cat prefers as a type of petting and kitty will want to be near you more often!

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