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Ragdoll: character, origins, food, health | Cat breed


The Ragdoll, with its silky fur, exceptionally soft character and flexibility when handled, is a true living plush! And thanks to its legendary calmness, its adoration for its master and its great sociability, it is just as fair to say that it is the domestic cat by excellence.


United States


The Ragdoll is a large cat with a long, massive body.


Up to 20 pounds for males and between 9 and 13 pounds for females. Note that males are noticeably larger than females.

Average life expectancy

About 15 years.

Eye color

Always blue.

Hair type

Medium to long, with a collar around the neck, silky and close to the body.

Physical characteristics of the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a large cat. It has a very long rectangular body, accompanied by strong muscles and bones. Massive, its weight can reach 20 pounds in males. To reach this size, it grows slowly; this can last up to 2 or 3 years! Although this is a large, fairly heavy cat, it doesn’t have to be fat; only a fat pocket on the lower abdomen is tolerated.

The Ragdoll’s legs are strong and muscular, which accentuates the rectangular appearance of its body. The paws, large and round, are always provided with numerous hairs between the pads. The tail is long and carried in a plume. The Ragdoll’s head is of medium size and forms a triangle with rounded contours. The muzzle and the chin, well developed, are clearly rounded. The Ragdoll’s eyes are large, oval and always of blue color. The ears, wide at the base, are rounded at the end and point slightly forward.

The Ragdoll’s coat can be medium or long, with a fine and silky texture. It is composed of a lot of guard hairs and few undercoats, which avoids the formation of knots and makes the Ragdoll extremely soft. The hair is longer around the neck, which creates a nice ruff.

The coat is also long on the top of the head, on the shoulders and on the back. These characteristics give the Ragdoll a plush look.

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