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Ragdoll: character, origins, food, health | Cat breed

ragdoll cat

Does the Ragdoll suit you?

Space required

  • The Ragdoll is an indoor cat. It is not recommended to let it go outside, because being curious and unaware of danger, it could quickly get lost and end up in precarious situations.
  • Since the Ragdoll is particularly calm, it does not require much space in the house.
  • It is the perfect companion for people who are living in apartments.

The ideal owner

  • The gentle and calm nature of the Ragdoll makes it especially adapted to peaceful people.
  • Although sometimes discreet, this cat has a deep attachment to its owner and needs them to ensure its well-being. Therefore, the Ragdoll needs a loving and available owner to take care of him every day ( playing sessions, grooming, etc.).
  • The Ragdoll appreciates the company of dogs and children.
  • The Ragdoll does not like to be alone; it is better to have a companion when you have to be away.

To note

  • The Ragdoll is basically a calm and placid cat. Although not very disturbing, this lack of vigor can increase the risk of overweight. This cat therefore needs interactive exercise to stay in top shape. Ideally, a cat tree or toys, such as balls or mice stuffed with catnip, should be provided to keep the cat moving.
  • The Ragdoll is also said to have low sensitivity to pain.

Although this characteristic can generally be beneficial for the cat, this insensitivity can also be detrimental to it, because pain is a warning signal, and by not feeling it, it will not react to danger. It is therefore necessary to keep an eye on the Ragdoll, so that it doesn’t venture into unwise situations. Because of this, the Ragdoll’s reflexes are rather slow. If you take him in your arms, you have to put him on the ground gently and not let him jump as we do with other cats, to prevent it from hurting itself when falling.

To consider at the Ragdoll

Good pointsNegative points
– Pleasant companion cat for the family
– Quiet, very little disturbing
– Low hair loss in spite of its long coat
– Unique coat, which comes in many different colors
– No problem of cohabitation with dogs
– Frequent grooming
– Does not tolerate solitude, requires
special dedication to ensure its well-being
– Tends to be overweight if the cat
does not move enough and / or if the diet is not controlled
– Cat unaware of danger
(due to its low sensitivity to pain),
so it must be constantly monitored

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