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Cat health insurance : what are the benefits?

cat health insurance

Cat health insurance is not mandatory, but you should still be able to afford the financial costs associated with your pet’s health.

That’s pretty surprising when you consider how much the vet fees cost and how much budget will be spent on health care throughout the pet’s life.

We know that for the health costs part, we will spend on average for a cat around 10702$ throughout its life. It can be a little less, but it can also be a lot more.

A cat lives an average of 11 years, so if you buy a health insurance for about 30$, it will cost you about 4,000$ for the life of the cat. If you want even more guarantees and choose an offer with a higher price, you will still win.

From there, it would be a waste not to benefit from a good health insurance for your pet. So what are the advantages of a cat health insurance?

10 advantages of taking out a cat insurance

Are you still wondering about the merits of taking out cat health insurance? We are going to show you that you have everything to gain from it.

Having a cat health insurance means saving money, being serene in the face of unforeseen events and giving the best care to your pet thanks to good guarantees.

Cat health insurance can reimburse veterinary expenses for illness, accidents and surgery

Illness, accidents and surgery are all part of a cat’s life. Some cats will have more problems than others during their lifetime. Some will be at risk at an early age, while others will have health problems later in life.

There are a variety of plans to suit all budgets. The amount of the monthly payment varies according to the level of guarantees that you wish to subscribe for your animal. The first offers of cat health insurance start between 6 and 16 dollars per month. For a more important coverage you will have to count between 15 and 49 dollars on average.

Reimbursement rates vary from 50 to 100% depending on the plan. If you need to insure more than one cat, it will cost you less.

You can opt for a prevention package that reimburses the costs of vaccination and sterilization

When you adopt a kitten, unless you want to reproduce it, you will sterilize or castrate the animal in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Prevention packages usually include a guarantee for vaccination costs. This means that a sum of money is allocated for each year to this expense item and allows owners to be reimbursed for their cat’s vaccinations. Depending on the plan you choose, the package may include reimbursement for anti-flea, anti-tick and deworming expenses.

Subscribing to a cat health insurance is the assurance that the animal is insured for life

From the age of 2 months and up to the age of 10 years for some mutual insurance companies, it is possible to subscribe to a cat health insurance in order to guarantee to the animal a coverage of health expenses throughout its life. As for humans, animals also have health problems related to old age, so it is useful to anticipate all this with a cat health insurance.

Several offers of mutual insurance cat to meet all needs and budgets

There are many cat health insurance plans available to suit all needs and especially all budgets. No matter which health insurance plan you choose, it will always be more beneficial for you and your cat than if you didn’t have one.

Having a cat health insurance means being able to take care of your pet even in difficult months

By subscribing to a cat health insurance we are more serene, you will have more peace of mind, because in the case of heavy expenses such as surgical procedures or health costs for illness and hospitalization in a veterinary clinic, you will still be able to provide all the necessary care for your pet without making a dent in your budget.

You can either pay in advance or make arrangements with the veterinarian and in any case, you will be quickly reimbursed according to the formula you have subscribed to.

To subscribe to a mutual insurance for your cat is to be serene whatever the situation

As we have seen previously, having a mutual insurance for your cat avoids many worries. My cat is sick ? My cat has to be operated ? I have a mutual insurance and I am reimbursed quickly, so I consult my veterinarian right away.

Things are as simple as that when you have insurance for your cat. You don’t have to stress about not having the budget and having to wait a few more days before you can take your pet to be treated.

You can devote your budget to other expenses

Having a cat health insurance and therefore benefiting from reimbursements of veterinary expenses, allows you to devote your available budget to other expenses, whether it is to give your cat high quality food, or to take him to be groomed for example.

Cat health insurance reimburses veterinary costs quickly

Upon receipt of the care sheet filled in by the veterinarian, the mutual insurance company processes the file and reimburses you quickly by bank transfer. The management is therefore simple and efficient.

When you have an insurance for your pet, you consult more often and your cat is better followed

According to statistics, people who have taken out cat health insurance take their cat to the vet more often. The health monitoring of the animal would therefore be better and the cat in better shape thanks to more frequent visits.

A healthy cat is a happy cat

In addition to the responsibility and obligation to take care of your pet, it has been proven that animals with optimal health care are in better shape and therefore happier.

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