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Commonly Asked Questions about Cat Nutrition

As you are now planning to adopt a cat. You must know what you are required to do. Especially, it is necessary to have knowledge about cat foods and their nutritional requirements.

All cats have different personalities. So it will take time to get to know which personality your cat has. You should have some patience to know how your cat stays happy and healthy.

In this article, we will go through all the necessary actions and information that is needed to understand cat nutritional needs. Some most commonly asked questions about cat nutrition will be discussed in this section.

Question No. 1

Why Is Healthy Food Important?

This is one of the commonly asked questions about a cat. It is essential for your cat to have a balanced and healthy diet. Cats remain healthy when you feed them with high-quality meat products.

Cats are carnivorous animals. They cannot fulfil their nutritional requirements from plant foods. It is important to provide them with food with adequate amounts of taurine, vitamins especially vitamin A and some important fatty acids.

Water is essential for cats. Daily fresh water is required for them, so they do not have dehydration. You have to maintain a calories balance as excess or inadequacy is equally harmful to them.

Question No. 2

What Is the Best Time to Feed Cats?

So, basically, the question about cats that arises is, ‘How much to feed them?’

The answer to it is very simple. If you have brought home a kitten, then let it eat as much as it wants to. That’s generally 4 to 5 times a day. But if it is an adult cat, it can rely on 2 meals a day.

As your cat starts growing, its meals start decreasing. Even if your cat loves to nibble, do not give her food more than its daily consumption. This is because it can be at risk of obesity if it eats more.

Question No. 3

Should it be Canned Food or Dry Food?

This question about cats is a very common one. The caloric density of canned foods is less than that of dry foods. Canned foods contain more water than dry foods.

But, majorly cats love to eat both. They enjoy mixing supplemental canned food with the dry foods.

Question No. 4

Can My Cat It Raw Meat?

Cats are strict carnivores. They have survived on birds and other animals for their food for ages. Some people believe that this is the reason that they can eat raw meat.

But, to some people, this meat contains parasites and bacteria too. So they can be harmful to a cat’s health. So it is important to take raw meat in small amounts.

It should not be made a primary food for cats.

Question No. 5

Are Dog Foods Also Good For Cats?

This is also one of the commonly asked questions about cat nutrition.

Well, obviously cats and dogs are both different species. You cannot feed them the same thing. Their nutritional requirements are different, and thus food fed to them is also different.

Cats are unable to digest plant food, whereas dogs take their nutrients from plants. Also that cats require proteins from meat. Moreover, cats need taurine or else they suffer heart diseases. In contrast, dogs do not require it.

Question No. 6

Can My Cat Be A Vegetarian?

There are several plant diets for cats too, but it better for us to stick to a meat-based diet. This is because cats are carnivorous animals, and they fulfil their nutritional requirements from meat.

Moreover, they cannot digest plant diets. That is why meat diets are perfect for them.


So, basically, all the above questions are asked by pet lovers, especially cat lovers. You should always have knowledge about nutritional requirements of your pets and how to overcome their problems.

Cats require meat and proteinaceous foods for nutrients. Their diets should contain Vitamins, Fatty Acids and many proteins. There should be less quantity of carbohydrates.

All these questions about cat nutrition answer your major problems. It is important to follow basic procedures to ensure the proper health of your cats.

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