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Easiest Cats to Take Care of

When you are a new pet lover, you are so excited to get a new pet. You can not wait to bring your little baby home. It is fascinating to see your pet grow in front of you.

However, it takes hard work to train them, especially if that is a kitten or a cat. You will need to look after it more than that of a dog. When you go for a pet, you have to see if it is easy to handle.

As you are a new pet lover, you should go for a cat breed that’s easier to take care of. That will be very easy to handle too. Here, in this article, we shall discuss what cat breeds are easy to take care of.

Different Breeds of Cats  

Like every other animal, cats also have different breeds. Each breed has its unique qualities and characteristics. Some need more maintenance because of their behavior. Alternatively, some do not require that much care.

Some are more social, while others are not.

For your first ever cat, you would go for the one that does not irritate much. It also stays active and plays, which is pretty friendly too.

You have to treat them properly if you want them to be trained. Your bond with them should be very emotional and understanding. Following are some easy-going cat breeds.

Maine Coon  

Cats of this breed are the most social ones. They are super friendly and love playing around. You can easily find a friend in them. They will make you feel better in your house.

They have some qualities of dogs. So if you were once a dog owner, you could easily train these cats too. They are easy to train and are very smart too. They try to grab attention.

They are also easily adaptable. If you are changing your home, they are easily able to adjust there too. In such cases, you won’t have to worry about them.

Siamese Cats

The cats of this breed are also amiable and fun-loving. They are brilliant and are easy to cope with. These cats are easy to take care of as they do not have long hair.

You all may also have experienced that long hair can be very annoying. They fall everywhere and are difficult to collect. So you can say that they are one of the easiest cats to take care of.

Moreover, they are really social. Siamese cats do not need much grooming. They have a great personality and are also very curious at times. Their plus point is that they are also very loyal.


Ragdolls are one of the prettiest cat breeds. They have colored eyes and a fluffy body. They love to cuddle all the time. Moreover, it is also very fun-loving. That’s why also these are cats easy to take care of.

If ever, someone new visits your home, they would not be aggressive after seeing them. Other cats either stress out or hide somewhere in such situations. But Ragdolls adapt to new changes easily.

They also keep themselves clean and love to snuggle. Also, they do not need much grooming and are relaxed in all situations.


This breed has some of the easiest cats to take care of as they are joyful and loving. Their super filled energy does not bring your mood down anytime.

They are not fearful and love to be around others, either people or animals. They are very socialized and super active.

Somali cats are very entertaining and can live alone too.

But most of them prefer to stay with their partners or owners. So you will definitely have good energy all the time when you are around them.


They are very similar to Maine Coon and also have some qualities resembling dogs. They are very owner-loving and stay around their owners a lot. They are very loyal.

They form solid relationships with their owners and are always at your back. They are intelligent and curious both at the same time. Burmese cats are super devoted and are great pets.


In this article, we went through some cat breeds that are the easiest cats to take care of. These are fun-loving and always stay by their owners.

Many of these breeds are cats easy to take care of and spend time with. They play with you and are full of love and energy.  

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