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Feeding Your Cats

A balanced diet is essential for good health. In humans and animals, diet plays a vital role. We need to specify which healthy foods to eat and which not to eat. Feeding your cats well can be advantageous to you over the cat’s life.

A healthy diet would take care of your pet and avoid any illness or sickness. Illness in the early stages can affect your cat’s health. Cats are good to go with homemade diets.

Why Not Processed Food Diet?

Owners should feed cats a healthy and balanced diet. Dry food is not good for cats, especially when you do for nutritionist’s advice. Dry foods contain low water content. Plus, they also have loads of carbohydrates in them, which is not really good for cats.

Moreover, dry foods are heated up to such a level that their nutrients are destroyed. They may not give a cat’s health an advantage as they are processed to a high level.

One other negative point of dry foods is that they may contain feces of insects. They are also contaminated with bacterial and fungal infections. This is because it is said to use fresh food instead of processed food.

And before your pet eats that processed food, bacteria can infect it as the food is kept open in stores for days or months. So there are not many good points to eat processed food.

Why A Homemade Balanced Diet?

Cats are carnivores too. They need a strict diet to keep fit. Fewer carbohydrates and a moderate amount of fats are required to make them healthier.

Animal fats have many nutrients that are needed for the healthy growth of your felines. These may include meat-based diets also. The diet for your pets should have a good ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

More animal-based proteins, fewer carbohydrates, and moderate fats keep your feline friends in shape. Water is also very important in the diets of your cats.

They are less sensitive to thirst and can intake water naturally, too.

Understanding the Basic Nutritional Requirements Of Cats

Six major nutrients are required in cat foods, just like they are important for other living organisms. These include


Cats fulfill their water requirements through food consumption. They are required to eat processed and canned foods in this case. This is because canned foods are 80% of the cat’s nutrient requirements.


Protein is very important component of cat’s diet. They are used to strengthen cat’s muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. They are cat’s support organs.

Protein is a very important component of the diet for strengthening the cat’s muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. They are the cat’s support organs.

A cat’s functional components inside its body that include proteins are enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and plasma proteins.

Cats have a tasting mechanism in their body by which they can easily reject the food that is not having a good quality of proteins. Amino acids must be present in a cat’s diet for good nutrition.

These can be found in poultry foods, fish, and dairy products.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are also called fats. Fats are the most important components that are needed to be in a cat’s diet. They are very effective in the nutritional development of cats.

Fats are a source of energy in cats, and they involve in overall health too. A fat-deficit cat will stunt growth and dandruff.

For a high-quality food, it should have 20%-40% essential fatty acids that help in healthy development.


Vitamins are essential in a cat’s diet because they help support their organs’ growth and development.

They also help in boosting immunity and are involved in the proper functioning of cells and organs. More processed foods are not good to provide vitamins.

Minimal quantities of canned foods are good to provide essential vitamins for nutritional purposes. However, cats can obtain vitamins through meat and fish too.


Minerals are produced in soil or maybe water. Plants and animals easily consume them. What they do is; help to regulate the acid-base balance and tissue structures. Moreover, they support enzyme activities too.

There is no scientifically proven thing where it is told about amounts of minerals in cat food. So minerals can be used to treat a cat’s health.


We understood that fats are the most crucial component in a cat’s diet from the above analysis. Small amounts of carbohydrates and moderate fats are also present in cat’s diet.

Keeping your cats healthy and safe can help in their behaviors as well. Giving them an adequate diet and nutritious foods can help in growth and development too.

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