Fun Facts about Kittens

We all are fond of kittens but do not have a deep insight into their lives. Here are a few fun facts about kittens you probably never knew.

How Much a Cat Sleep in a Lifetime?

Cats are notorious for their sleeping patterns. Well, to our surprise, they spend 70 % of their life sleeping. And Kittens on the average sleep 18 hours a day.

Kitten’s Tiny Little Lives

Kittens are partially blind and deaf until they are 2-3 weeks old. They are entirely dependent upon their mommy cat until they develop their true senses and are capable enough.

Eye Color of the Kittens

All the kittens are born with blue eyes. However, the eye color keeps evolving over the years into different colors.

Kittens Knead

Another fun fact about kittens is that they knead. They develop this habit in their kitten-hood and carry it into adolescence. If a kitten you, it may think of you as a mother figure.

Either Right or Left Pawed

Just like we humans are right or left-handed, cats can be right or left-pawed too. You got to monitor them closely, and you will get to know which paw does the kitten use when checking out new things.

How Many Teeth Kitten Have?

Kittens have 26 teeth and later develop into 30 teeth when they are adult.

Kitten’s Whiskers

Kitten’s whiskers correspond to the width of their bodies.

Fleas Affect Kittens More

Fleas are especially harmful to kittens, and they need to be protected from them more than the adult cats.

Kittens can Become Parents

While it is not one of the fun facts about kittens; kittens can become parents as early as 8 weeks. They need to be spayed to avoid early pregnancies.

Kittens have a Short Kitten-Span

Kitten reach young adulthood quite earlier than what we would have thought. In just a short span of 2 years, kittens go through all the stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Kittens have a Strong Sense of Smell

Kittens cannot see or hear clearly when they are just born. They have a powerful sense of smell from the beginning, and they depend on it pretty much for all of their activities. They even identify the mommy cat with their sense of smell.

Kittens Can Fit Almost Everywhere

Cats find every place comfortable. They love to hide in the areas where they can easily fit their head. So it is crucial to be careful as they can squeeze in their head anywhere around the house.

Average Kitten Litter

It is recorded that the average size of litter for cats can be up to 9 kittens. However, the largest kitten litter size has been 19 kittens.

Newborn Kittens  

One of the fun facts about kittens is that the newborn kittens can purr. They can’t even walk and need a lot of development for other processes.

Weight of the Kittens  

Kittens can have weight as less as that of a lemon. Moreover, the kittens only weigh 3 to 4 ounces when they are born.

Talkative Nature of Kittens  

This is one of the cutest fun facts about kittens that they are very talkative. They learn to speak or meow very early after their birth.

After being pampered by their moms, they start meowing to humans for their necessities.

Eyelashes of Kittens  

It must be a unique quality of kittens. It has been seen that most of the kittens do not have any eyelashes. Moreover, they can are unable to see anything present under their small nose.

Can Kittens Hear or See?

Well, it is not like they are blind or deaf for a whole of their lifetime. But they have closed ear canals so they cannot hear anything. Their eyes are also closed, so they are almost blind.

These ear canals and eyes open when kittens are 14 days old. By the time they are a month old, they can completely hear everything.

Thermoregulation in Kittens  

Another one of the fun facts about kittens is that they cannot control their body temperature. When they are born, they are unable to thermoregulate.

When they feel cold, they try to cuddle with their moms or owners. This is because they cannot provide heat to their body.

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