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Helping Your Kitten to Settle in

It is undeniable that we also need time to settle into a new home. When you shift to a new place, it will be a little challenging to get settled in. Similarly, your new pet will need the training to settle into her new home.

Many other pet lovers ask this question. ‘How to help a kitten settle in?’

As a kitten is shifting to a new home, it is leaving its parents and siblings behind. In such cases, kittens will be a little traumatic. Some kittens are sensitive, so that they may feel sad or low.

You have to make them feel happy at the new home and comfortable when they come. You can make a cozy room for her before her arrival. It will help her stay in with you.

Arrival of a Kitten in Home

For the arrival, you can set up some room. You can guide your family members to be helpful in that. They should not come around her for the first few days.

Giving Space is the Key

Let your kitten get used to a new place. Give her some space and let her stay alone. You can also bring her bed so at least something makes her feel at home.

Give Her Time

She will get used to certain things or maybe smells of stuff at your home. Give her enough time to discover her new home. Give her food inside her small house, so she knows that it is her den.

Litter Box is a Must

Make a litter box for her and make her understand its purpose.

Kittens love to Sleep

Do not disturb your kitten’s sleep, even if it’s her feeding time. It can make her uncomfortable. So, you need to take care of that. Let her sleep whenever she wants to, as kittens love sleeping.

Avoid Crowding Around her

It will help if you tell your family members to enter her room one by one. Crowding in her room will cause discomfort to her. Especially if it is a fearful kitten, it can become aggressive.

Be Polite

You need your family to help a kitten settle in. They can help by being sweet and polite to your kitten. Tell them how to help a kitten settle in before her arrival.

Where is the Friskies?

Provide her a fair amount of food at least four times a day. Her meals can delight her. This will be very necessary in helping a kitten settle in.

Change of Feeding Patterns and Diet  

When your kitten first arrives, tell your close friends how to help your kitten settle in. They will also play an essential role in assisting a kitten in settling in.

First of all, do not change her feeding diet. Diet changes can be disturbing for her. She may feel nauseous sometimes, which can eventually lead to stress issues in her and anxiety too.

Provide her with an excellent homemade balanced diet rather than processed food. So many nutrients are absent in canned foods. It’s necessary to provide her a good diet.

The most important thing is water in their diet. The owner should place fresh water in the kitten’s den every day. Make it available for her for the whole day. Keep changing it, so your kitten drinks fresh water every time.

Toilet Rules and Usage  

First of all, in helping a kitten settle in your home, you do not need to keep it caged. Let her move freely, so it seems to own the place. If you have made a den as her home, you can put her litter box there.

Teach her to use it by helping her do her litter there. Do not place that litter box anywhere near the places she eats her food. It is because she may feel bad and cannot litter there.


It is imperative to have some identification of your kitten. So, when it gets lost, you can look for it. For that very reason, you can put a collar around her neck that can be identified.

Besides, you can also use the micro chipping process for that purpose.


Nexus to above, you have to keep loving the kitten. You need to help her look after herself. Keep her room clean and make her comfortable. This is something that will strengthen your bond with her.

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