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How to feed your kitten?

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Pre-weaning period

During the first 4 weeks of life, the kitten feeds exclusively on its mother’s milk or on kitten formula if the mother does not produce enough milk. The mother’s milk is very rich in order to allow the kittens to gain weight quickly, to be hydrated and to bring them the nutrients they need. This mother’s milk allows an average weight gain of about 50 to 100 g per week before weaning.

Weaning period

From 4 weeks of age, a gradual weaning of the kitten can begin. At this time, you can start giving kibble or wet food to your kitten. Indeed, to accustom the kittens to their future food, it is necessary to make a progressive transition towards the stop of the maternal/maternized milk. You start giving small amounts of moistened kitten food (mixed with water to soften) or wet food. Even if the kitten kibbles are small to facilitate chewing, it is recommended to moisten them in order to help the kitten get used to its new food and because it is in the middle of teething. As time goes by, kittens will eat more and more kibble/wet food and less and less milk, which results in a decrease in the mother’s milk production.

The weaning of the kitten, which corresponds to the stop of the intake of the mother’s milk by the kitten, will thus last from its 4th week of life until its 8th week approximately.

Post-weaning period

From this 8th week, the weaning of the kitten is finished and the kitten will only eat kitten food or wet kitten food. From the age of 1 year, the kitten will be able to switch to an adult cat food.

The kitten food (wet food or kibble) must be healthy, complete, caloric and energetic in order to allow the kitten to grow up and have great games with its peers.

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