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How to Keep my Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping a cat indoors all day, every day, is a wise decision for the wildlife in your vicinity. But you got to have some excellent skills to keep her indoor and keep her happy at the same time. 

Cat owners often ask: how to keep my indoor cat happy?

The answer is tricky yet entertaining. Let’s get to the secrets, tips, and tricks on how to keep my indoor cat happy.

Adopt Them Young

Experts say that Cats develop certain habits quickly while they are young. So, if you do not already have a cat and are planning to keep your cats indoors once you get them, you should better adopt them young.

Keep Them Occupied

Keeping the cat tired and occupied is a good answer to how do I keep my indoor cat happy.

Naturally, cats need enough exercise to work out their excess energy. If the situation is the other way round, these natural athletes will go crazy.

A variety of toys are available that can help your cat pounce and stalk and keep itself entertained.

Cats are Neat Freaks

You should keep the litter boxes clean, ALWAYS. These little felines like to stay clean and want their litter boxes clean too. It will help her stay happy if you do this favor to her.

How About Bringing the Outdoors in?

If you are genuinely interested in how to keep my indoor cat happy, my advice would be: go green, buddy!

Bring nature inside. Let your little creatures graze on the plant cat grass. A small collection of accessible plants would keep your cat entertained.

Play Time

One of the most precious things you can give to your cat is your time. Try different games and toys with her. But also, be sure that there are no paper bag toys near your cat when you are not around.

Kitty Condo is a Great Idea!

Kitty-condo is a ready-made cat-tree, but you can make your own too. It can help your cat go vertical.

These artificial trees would provide your cats with multiple opportunities to play, climb, kick and pounce. The size can range from short to occupying the full ceiling length.

Hang out Sometimes

Build a secure space for your cat to hang out. As much it demands a big responsibility, walking a cat with a leash is not that difficult. Try rewarding her when she walks with you.

Cat-Proof the Yard

The fence you are relying on to keep your cat indoors must have no escape roots. Make sure that your cat has no access to harmful plants to risk her health and safety. Better, build a ‘catio’, to provide her a healthy enclosure. 

Pet in Pairs

We all long for companionship. Cats, too, can feel lonely sometimes staying all day indoors. You should consider getting another cat companion for your feline so that she can share her time and space with her buddy.

Rooms with Views

Another vital aspect in how to keep my indoor cat happy is providing them with bird viewing stations.

A little visual stimulation would go a long way in keeping your cat entertained. 

If you think that this trick would not go well with your cat or cause frustration in her, consider trying a TV to show her feline-friendly visuals of birds, mice, or plants.

Natural Food

It would be great if you try treating your cat with some raw natural food sometimes. It would help her activating her gums because of excessive chewing. Some raw drumsticks would go a long way.

Setting up the Space

Let your cat feel some sense of possession over a small space of her own. Try buying some cat furniture or make some at home.

Love your Cat

Love is the most potent answer to how do I keep my indoor cat happy. Cats crave your attention and love. Besides, your cat is your family; treat her like it. 

Giver her face time, play with her, pet her. These are all little things that would keep her so attached to you that the thought of going outside would barely cross her mind.

That’s All!

Applying these tips and tricks would help strengthen the bond between you and your cat. You will gradually get into the depth of how do I keep my indoor cat happy.

Keeping your cat indoor would definitely hold some long-term benefits for you, one of which is her long life.

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