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Introducing Your Cat to a New Person

You would have observed in your daily life, that you do not vibe with everyone in the same way. Sometimes you like the aura of a person, and sometimes you do not.

Similarly, your cat also does not get used to strangers quickly. You have to see what can help your little feline to get used to them. If your cat is friendly, then there are high chances it would accept a new person earlier.

However, you can make a small pathway of introduction to your new person for a fearful cat. You can set some parameters that can help both the cat and the person accept each other easily.

Also, keep in mind that it can take a lot of time for your cat to develop an attachment with a new person. So please have some patience and let it work slowly, but gradually.

Preparation for the Introduction

Here are a few important steps to follow while you start introducing your cat to a new person;

Smell of the New Person

Dealing with a fearful cat is not easy. You have to introduce your cat to a new person before even meeting him. You can easily do this without his presence.

Just bring a piece of cloth that has that person’s smell. This will make your cat used to that smell. And indirectly to that person too. So when he comes over, your cat would not overreact.

For this, you may use any cloth or a pillow cover too. Also, something that has been in direct contact with that newcomer can help.

Discussing this Case with the New Comer

You can tell the person you are introducing your cat to a new person, who is fearful of people. Tell that person how he should react and try to plan a good set up for your cat.

It would be very easy for a friendly cat by playing her favorite game with her or story-telling.

But, for a fearful cat, you need to help your partner understand that either he has to ignore the cat completely, so it does not mind him there. Or he may make no eye contact, so the cat does not feel uneasy.

Working on Your Feline’s Bad Behavior  

Some cats have aggressive behavior towards new people. So for that, you have to train it to know basic rules. When someone new comes over, it may be aggressive or uncomfortable. That’s why it’s necessary to help her understand how to play around.

You can make her do training with a pet specialist or refer her to a veterinarian. The veterinarian will help your cat to deal more efficiently with new people.

First introduction to your partner  

Do not make your cat interact straight away when a new person visits it. It may bite or scratch that person in aggression or fear.

As you know, we also do not have a good relationship in the first meeting. The same happens with cats or other pets. They can not have a good interaction in the first meeting.

You don’t have to force it to meet. Let it sit at a distance and interact itself after some more meetings if it wants to.

Once your cat is used to that person, it is easy for it to meet him closely. Tell your new friend to offer it a treat or something so that it can attract to it. If he rewards your cat with toys or treats, your cat will be happier.

Treating cats with good things will develop good relationships with them. This will make her more inclined towards that person.

Rewarding your cat on behaving good  

When your cat obeys you, treat her with her favorite things. After she meets with your new friends, it will get attached to them. When she behaves well to them, you can reward her.

Rewarding her would work for future interactions too. Your cat will not be rude or aggressive about new people.


In these ways, you can help your cat understand the interactions with new people. If you follow these steps, your feline friends will stay good to newcomers when you introduce them to new a person. Also, you will be happy that they follow your instructions.

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