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Is Homemade Food Better for Cats ?

There are many people who feed their cats with canned foods or dry foods. They feed these foods because these foods contain some essential nutrients for the cat’s diet.

People do not look at the food labels and feed them to cats. There are many components in food labels that are poisonous to cats. It is very important to lead those labels first.

Reasons Why You Should Feed Homemade Food

There are various reasons for feeding your cats with homemade food. Homemade food is considered better for cats because it has essential nutrients for a cat’s diet.

  • Some pets are fed with homemade foods because they are harmed by dry kibble or canned foods. Their nutritional requirements are not completely found in market food. That is the main reason why they are treated with homemade food. 
  • Many pets may have allergic reactions or sickness issues by eating commercial foods. Their food is thus made in the home for their owners, so their appetite is not affected.
  • Homemade foods are better for cats because they do not have any by-products in them. Moreover, they are not processed foods. They also have no chemical additives.
  • Cats are also given homemade foods because they are carnivorous. They eat meat products because it fulfils their needs for proteinaceous food also.

Reason Why People Do Not Prefer Homemade Food

Many people find homemade diets bad for their pets. Or they may also have some financial issues.

  • Some people do not have enough time to prepare for their pets. Their workload is much more, so they prefer commercial diets for their pets.
  • Many people think that commercial foods are better for their pets. Their pets do really well on canned foods.
  • It is very important to get the knowledge about your cat’s nutrition. People think that homemade diets need more knowledge, so they go for commercial foods for their cats.
  • It is believed that now pet lives for more years than before. It is mainly because of well prepared commercial diets. These diets have a more improved quality of food.

Commercial diets have an advantage over homemade foods for cats because they are affordable.

Types of Homemade Foods

Generally, there are many different types to make homemade foods. Here we will discuss three of these.

Nutritious Homemade Diet

This diet is freshly prepared homemade diet for cats. It has complete nutrients, and it is a fully balanced diet. This is the true, entirely homemade diet.

It includes high-quality sources of proteins. This diet has a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fibres. Fatty acids are also present in it. It is a genuine homemade diet for cats.

Moreover, it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that meet the needs of animals. The people who prepare these diets and feed them to their cats are the most dedicated to their pets.

This homemade diet requires time and money.

Supplemented Homemade Diet  

This is a very mixed homemade diet for cats. It contains a combination of commercial foods as well as table scrap. Owners usually bring home the commercial or canned food.

This canned food is mixed with their homemade table scrap. This diet can be imbalanced if table scrap is included in it for more than ten per cent of the actual diet.

This homemade diet can also be served by mixing commercial foods with meat and other sources of carbohydrates.

Homemade Table Food Diet  

This is the most imbalanced diet for cats. Owners are just feeding their cats to fill their tummy. They provide their cat with only the table scrap. This diet has imbalanced amounts of everything.

Carbohydrates, Fatty acids and proteins are not equally distributed in this homemade diet. It may lack fibres and vitamins.


If you feed your cat with a dedicated heart, then no diet is harmful. There should just be adequate amounts of water, carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins.

You have to treat your cats with care. Their diet should also be a balanced diet. Either it is a homemade diet or a canned diet, it should be balanced. Cats are also living beings, and they also deserve a healthy diet.

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