Kitten Adoption : What You Need To Know

Who has never been touched by an adorable little kitten and its adorable moves? Then the idea of ​​adopting a kitten can quickly grow in your head! But before we start, we recommend that you first take a look at our article about the most important things to know about cat adoption.

On the other hand, in this article we explain everything you need to know about kitten adoption, we will also help you answer the following questions: Adopt a male or female? At what age to adopt a kitten? Where to adopt a kitten? When is the the appropriate time to adopt a kitten?

When is the the appropriate time to adopt a kitten?

Generally, the best time for kitten adoption is spring. Indeed, most cats are born in April and May. This is explained by the fact that the heat of estrus in a cat is caused by the duration of the daily brightness. So, with the lengthening days in February and March, cats return in heat and the reproductive period begins.

During the gestation period, on average from 58 to 67 days, there is an influx of small kittens in April, May and June.Remember, however, that it will take 2 to 3 months to wean your kitten: in practice, you adopt your little kitten between June and September.

Male or female?

You have decided to adopt a cat, congratulations! The next step is to choose the gender of the cat to be adopted. In other words, is it male or female? To make a choice, you will have to understand the characteristics of each gender.

Behavior in male cats :

Males are bigger and heavier than female cats, and they are usually more independent, lonely and stray.

If he is an adult cat, it will tend to run away and often return with “war” wounds, because he will try to fight other males to conquer the females. Loss of control and fighting often shortened her life expectancy. If sterilization is not performed, it will also tend to mark the area (hence your apartment or house) with urine, which smells very strong.

Therefore, if you don’t want to breed it, it is best to neuter your cat when it just reaches puberty (about 6 months). This will reduce marking behavior and loss of control.

Behavior in female cats :

The real difference to an unsterilized cat is the heat. The female usually gets her first heat at about 6 months of age, usually in early spring. But this can happen, for example, after 4 months for a cat born at the end of the year.

When in heat, your cat will your cat will push lascivious and throbbing meows – famous love songs -, roll on the ground, rub against you, and feel cozier than usual, but especially releasing pheromones than males, whose surroundings will be able to sense far thanks to a developed sense of smell. Cats in heat will do whatever they can to get close to the cat and copulate with it.

It will then be necessary to be especially vigilant and watch over the cat so that it does not run away. Therefore, unintentional pregnancies represent the main risk during this period.

At what age adopt a kitten?

Ideal age: three months

It is now widely believed that the ideal age for kitten adoption is three months. This period corresponds to the time when the cat becomes independent. A newborn kitten is completely dependent on its mother for both food and care or elimination functions. From three months on, the mother gradually pushed it away.

Can we adopt earlier?

The legal minimum age for kitten adoption is eight weeks. But for many kittens, this is too early, because weaning has not really been completed yet. After physical weaning (feeding, nursing), psychological weaning begins, during which the kitten is emotionally separated from the mother and siblings. Of course, sometimes you may need to adopt a kitten earlier, for example, if it is an orphan. In this case, the adopter will have to bear part of the education.

What is the risk of adopting a young cat ?

Adopting a kitten that is too young often develops personality and social barriers. Some behaviors are not very annoying, such as these kittens sucking their tails because they separated from their mothers too early. Other diseases are more problematic. Two- to three-month-old kittens cannot transmit energy and will bite anything between the teeth, including human hands or feet.

Kittens adopted too young often have character and socialization disorders. Some symptoms are not very annoying, such as kittens sucking their tails because they were separated from their mother too early. Other disorders are more problematic. Two to three month old kittens cannot channel their energy and will bite anything that gets between their teeth, including human hands or feet. By the age of three months, normally their mom would have taught them that biting and scratching hurt, but if she didn’t have time for it, the adopter will have to take care of it, which is not always easy.
Finally, no matter which way you choose, we hope you can have fun with your little furball !