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Low Maintenance Cat Breeds to Adopt

If you will be a first-time owner and looking for a cat-companion, you better prefer searching among some low maintenance cat breeds.

Even if you are already petting some animals and looking for a cat’s addition, low maintenance cat breeds would be a good option for you too, so that they get along with your other animals easily.

Another scenario may be that you are too occupied to pet a cat with high-maintenance. Whatever is the situation, here are some low maintenance cat breeds for you to pick your next cat-companion.


If you are worried about allergens, a hairless cat-breed will go a long way. Among such breeds, Sphynx is always a better option. Wanna know why?

Well, Sphynx is not truly hair-less, to begin with, but instead, it feels like peach fuzz.

Also, even if you are not around, they are happy to be with themselves. Their independence and hypoallergenic characteristics make them an excellent choice to consider.

Japanese Bobtail

While most other cats need high grooming, the Japanese Bobtail has a relatively low maintenance need. They don’t shed their hair too often and know how to socialize, so your life would be easy with them.

Norwegian Forest Cat

If you don’t spend most of the time away than at home, Norwegian Forest Cat is a better choice for you. 

One reason to consider her in low maintenance cat breeds is that they are enough in themselves. Get them plenty of food and water, and they are good to go.

Russian Blue

Aside from being immensely beautiful, Russian Blue cats prefer to be left alone. They won’t require daily cuddles or interaction, even if you are at home. 

Just make sure to brush their coat and take care of their mealtimes. Other than that, they won’t bother you much.

British Shorthair

British shorthair is regarded as affectionate but not needy. They have an easygoing personality and won’t follow you around all day.

Being shorthair, they don’t require daily combing; a weekly combing would work. You can be out of home and don’t have to worry much about them getting in trouble. Also, they are enough to amuse themselves.


Bombay cats are friendly and adaptable. They have a short coat length and low tendency to shed, thus low maintenance need.

However, this breed of cat is interactive and needs attention from owners to stay happy and entertained.

Persian Cat

A Persian cat can be the right choice for a busy cat owner in terms of the lesser interaction the breed prefers. However, its big long hair requires constant attention, so you have to get it to visit the groomer regularly.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon has a somewhat dog-like personality. They are loyal, smart, and friendly. 

Despite having a long coat, this breed requires lesser grooming. A good comb once a week is enough for this breed, so it is worth considering among low maintenance cat breeds.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is another adorable, low-maintenance feline. Such a cute creature with an easy-going temperament. She can entertain herself and doesn’t want much attention. You can bring her home for sure.

American Shorthair

The American shorthair is not much different from her other shorthair cousins. This breed neither requires constant attention nor would it completely ignore you when you are around. 

Besides, it is not a high-energy breed. You better consider her while making your net feline purchase.


Another cat suitable for a busy family would be Ocicat. She does not care much about others, so she won’t be clingy at all. She is good with herself and won’t cause much trouble for you.

Exotic Shorthair

Try considering a female exotic shorthair while making your choice. They are not needy for constant attention but would require a little affection from you. 

Taking basic care of them on a daily basis would go a long way.

American Wirehair

American Wirehair does not get bothered much about the people around her. This is her way of living. It won’t really care if you are around or not. Another animal companion, be it another cat or a dog, would be enough to keep it entertained.

Now that you have a good insight into low maintenance cat breeds, I hope you can make the right choice for making your feline purchase. Good luck with that!

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