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Major Behavioral Problems in Cats

Cats, like all of us, can have problems in their behaviors. They need to be trained after they are adopted. However, this training is not as easy as it seems to us. They need proper care and time for this.

After adoption, it is our responsibility to train them and treat them good. On each new habit they develop, we can give them treats or rewards.

In this article, we will go through certain behavioral problems that are seen in cats.

Litter Box Issues  

It is the fundamental behavioral problem in cats. Cats need to be trained to use the litter box. Their litter box should not be dirty or smelly. Always clean their litter box, and it should be placed in the den.

You need to prefer unscented box and put it away from food areas. Any place where your cat eats food can reduce this behavioral problem.

Spraying and Urinating  

Cats tend to avoid their other cats by urinating. Actually, their urine is a symbol of telling others to back off. They can use this way when they are fighting with other cats.

Any conflict situation can be avoided by this. Moreover, if your cat feels like its territory is being shared, it marks it. Marking it by spraying keeps away other cats or new people at home.

You can clean that place and avoid it by training your new kitten. But if it does not work out, go for other options. You can book an appointment with your veterinarian.


Cats love to scratch any place they like. It is bad news for us because our furniture and floor are harmed by this. Their scratches can leave marks in our different home sites.

You can easily avoid this problem by distracting your cats. Hang some toys and make different noises to distract them. This will make them leave that scratching and come towards the toys.

Playing Rough  

Your cats often play with you with love. When you are taking care of them, they can also move hands on your face. Not always will they be softly playing with you. So it should be taken care of.

They scratch or swat on your face while playing. Their bites and scratches can hurt you. You can avoid this by letting them play with toys and distracting them. You should never let them play with your hands or face.

Discomfort from Separation  

Your pet loves it when you are around it. It makes them feel special to be kept with care around you. You have to train it to stay calm when you leave it at home while going out.

You can try to ignore it for a bit before going out. Leave them with their favorite toys, so they stay distracted with them. When you leave, they may feel lonely. So you have to take care of it.

Try playing with them daily. This will help you burn your energy too and help them rest more too. Thus, cats should be trained to live in your absence too.

Meowing a lot  

Cats meow when they are trying hard to get someone’s attention. This is not particularly attention from any other animal. It is to call out to people actually and get their attention.

Cats meow for various reasons like food, attention or else they are crying. You can visit a vet if it meows more often.

Obsessed With Grooming  

Cats try to stay calm, and their way of staying calm is by grooming themselves. It is also one of the significant behavioral problems. They are social animals and love to take care of themselves. Too much grooming can sometimes also hurt their skin.

However, some behavioral problems in cats like obsessive grooming can also go beyond a certain level. This can be due to stress that cats are grooming themselves.


We can conclude this by saying that all these behavioral problems in cats can be overcome. Stress and anxiety are very major symptoms of behavioral problems. Aggression and some other issues are also under discussion.

Moreover, the major behavioral problems like scratching, chewing or licking can be avoided. Such issues are addressed when you have not trained your cat. Once its training is complete, you are okay with it.

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