New Kitten At Home: The Right Questions To Ask BEFORE!

Nowadays, shelters are full of cats. These cats are often abandoned by people, and these people have not considered all the consequences of bringing a new kitten home because of their ignorance of animals. Bringing home and raising a new kitten is both a challenging and rewarding experience.. Whether you are considering raising a kitten or you’ve already greeted a little bundle of joy in your life, you undoubtedly want to be the ultimate pet parent.

Ask yourself these few questions to be sure:

Do you have enough space to accommodate your new kitten ?

To be clear, if you have a 9m² bedroom under the roof, this is not a situation for having a cat. He won’t have enough space to be happy. You can give him all the love in the world that will not replace his need for space. Instead, wait until you are in a place that will give him more space.

When adopting a kitten, the first priority is always to provide a safe place him. This space gives your kitten a homely feel and a place to retreat if the rest of the house ever gets overwhelmed.

Do you have time for your new kitten?

The cat may be an independent animal, but around it, it needs “stimulation”. An animal that does not find any stimulation in its environment may develop symptoms such as apathy, aggression, stress … The cat, especially the kitten, must play regularly in order not to be bored. If you’re never home, it can be difficult for him.

Did you anticipate the budget well ?

Do you know how much your cat will spend every month? Even if your cat is healthy, the cost is still incompressible. Here are some exhaustive lists for your reference: vaccination, disinfection, deworming, flea protection, litter box, litter box, transport cage, food, cat tree. Remember, if there is a health problem, other expenses can be considered, so be sure to check to make sure you can support them!

Although generally cheaper than dogs, cats still need a monthly budget and initial expenses when adopting kittens. Before deciding to adopt a kitten, you must make a budget and make sure you can afford the pet. The cost of adopting a kitten varies depending on many considerations including the organization or cat rescue center chosen. Overall, the price can be anywhere from $ 30 to $ 140. These fees cover the running costs of the shelter and may also cover the costs of immunization and castration of the kitten.

Do you like to play?

Cats need to be stimulated and exercised. If the cat can move outdoors, it needs less exercise. On the other hand, for a domestic cat, you need to play with him regularly to prevent him from getting frustrated and stay active and energetic. In addition to socialization, kittens need to play so that they can exercise. Not only does this help in creating a bond between the kitten and its owner, but also help her blood flow, which is essential for her healthy growth. Set aside time every day to play with her, whether it is chasing the rope with a mouse or the lights in the room, to ensure she get the right daily exercise.

Do you have any other animals?

If you already have animals at home, they will be able to adapt to the arrival of this kitty ? that may cause jealousy!

Some kittens face not only a new home, but also a new family that includes other pets. Some kittens may show fear and defensive attitude towards other pets in the house, but most young cats are just playful and inquisitive towards other pets.

The kitten’s first night at home. How to do ?

The first separation, the first loneliness, and the first night usually makes your kitten very miserable. Try to provide him with a quiet place to sleep. Kittens sleep a lot when they are young, approximately 16 to 20 hours a day. Therefore, it is important that she has a comfortable place to sleep.

Is his presence desired by all members of the household ?

Before welcoming a cat, make sure that everyone in your family can accept it. It could be your partner or your child: are they ready to have a pet? Are they allergic ? Are you ready to take on more housework and even raise cats?

Yes ! Although cats are known for their cleanliness, they are still animals that can shed their hair and require regular cleaning of litter boxes. Therefore, when you raise a cat, you must get used to the hair at home ! Especially if it is a long-haired cat, sometimes it needs to be brushed daily! Are you ready to accept it?

Once your kitten has confidence in you, you can gradually introduce them to other family members. Although it’s easy to get excited, it’s important to remember to introduce people at your kitty’s pace. If they are shy, meeting everyone at the same time can be overwhelming. Children will be excited about the arrival of the new kitten, but before they meet the kitten, please keep them gentle and calm.

Do you have any solutions to keep it during the holidays ?

A very important point that is often given as the reason for the cat abandonment ! Every year on holidays, owners leave thousands of pets. So you have to think of a few people and ask them for permission to keep them while on vacation. The cat is less restrictive than the dog : you can just ask your neighbors to spend every other day changing the litter box, feeding, drinking and playing with it.

Once you have taken all of these factors into account when adopting a kitten / cat, you can start preparing to welcome it.