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Obedience Training in Kittens

Kittens are to be trained when you adopt them. And so, their common behaviors are to be dealt with great care. You’ve to train your kitten with patience. Once you have mastered one command, move on to the next step.

Each command is to be practiced in different places so that your kitten understands it completely. Keep in mind that kittens are less social and more independent animals.

Reasons to train your Kitten

Train your kittens to be good friends with you and know how to live within certain boundaries too. The major reasons why you should keep training your kitten are

  • Kitten stays active and fresh. 
  • It stimulates its body to work. 
  • If it’s doing something wrong, you can command her to stop doing it. 
  • It helps maintain a strong bond within you both. 
  • Training masters the art of social behaviors. 
  • Kitten stays used to good manners.

Training Your Kitten

Training your kitten can get tricky at times. But it is necessary to let your kitten understand the basic commands to behave around the home. In this way, it will respect your boundaries too. By teaching your kitten rules, it will be more active.

You have to teach your kitten some good habits and make her bond stronger with you. You can keep some toys at home so that she can’t be distracted by other wrong things.

Start rewarding your kitten with toys when it shows good behavior. Playing with its toys can help in maintaining its mental and physical health.

Make her a good litter box and help her use it in a routine. In this way, it will know what it is used for. Develop some outdoor activities, so it does not feel caged.

Also, provide her indoor games where she can find herself happy and enjoy the rest of the day. Encourage it daily for more improvement.

Why do Kittens Misbehave

Kittens have not learned how to behave from the start. They are understandable if you are close to them. They try to cope with the environment.

They are not really being bad; just that they are trying to get used to everything. Once you have started teaching your felines, their behavior will eventually get better over time.

Help her make herself feel safe at your place. Set her routine. If you try to force her to do something, it will obviously react to it since this will make her uneasy.

Don’t expect your kitten to be good all the time. Occasionally, they face some stress issues or fear, so they react to it. They also have anxiety attacks, which cause them to misbehave.

Common Kitten Behavioral Problems

There are certain behaviors of kittens that should be addressed. You have to train your kitten for that. It will save your energy and help you understand how to master them.

These behaviors include

  • Scratching on floor and furniture
  • Urination
  • Not using litter boxes
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fear

Addressing bad behaviors in kittens

Kittens can go for different behaviors due to issues like fear, stress, and anxiety. It may be going through some mental or physical health issue. Not always is your kitten mad at you; it may be facing such issues.

You cannot punish your kitten or force her out of this. It can hurt her, and it may get back to such activities. This will lead to further stress and more bad habits. And you know there are high chances that being hard with her can risk your beautiful bond with her.

However, your kitten needs to understand why it should avoid bad behaviors because they can be head-achingly bad in the future.

You can put some smelly things like scent coated cotton balls. This will make your kitten go away from those places easily. Similarly, give it treats when it does something good or avoids bad behavior.


So, this article’s main point was to help you understand why you have to train your kitten. Also, what sequence to follow while training your kitten. As we have already analyzed that kittens are good to go with commands. They learn and respond quickly to those commands that you have taught them.

Don’t forget to reward her for good and do not punish her over small bad habits. Teach her how to live, and she will obey you happily. Build up a good relationship with her.

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