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Should you get a cat water fountain?

cat water fountain

Is your cat still drinking from an outdated water bowl? You think it doesn’t like it? Is it making a big mess with its paws to play in the water bowl? Has your veterinarian told you that your older or sicker cat needs to get more hydration?

A cat water fountain could be an excellent solution. In addition to giving your cat something to enjoy, it will help restore or maintain a decent level of hydration, improve its well-being and preserve its kidney function.

Why do our domestic cats love water fountains?

Did you know that cats are poor drinkers? It’s true! In the wild, most of their water intake comes from their food, which is very moist meat, so they naturally don’t have a high thirst, their kidneys’ ability to conserve water is very developed. This can cause significant problems for indoor cats, especially for those on a dry food diet. Chronic dehydration can lead to urinary tract disease and kidney stones.

Another reason why cats are attracted to the cat water fountain is that they do not like to drink from stagnant water sources. They prefer fresh, running water, which is why some of them will tap the water in the bowl with their paws before drinking it.

Cats can be rather difficult about what they are eating and drinking. Tap water may contain odors or tastes that are unpleasant to our cats.

By getting a cat water fountain, you are giving your cat access to water that is more visible and suitable for its tastes.

Place your cat water fountain in a different location than the cat’s food bowl. Cats generally don’t like to drink water near where they eat. In the wild, you’ll find that cats often drag their food away from water sources.

What are the criteria to consider when buying a cat water fountain?

4 criteria to consider when buying a cat water fountain :

  • Choose a quality material, preferably ceramic or stainless steel that does not retain odors and stains like plastic would. Choose a fountain that meets the same hygiene standards as ceramic tableware for human use.
  • Several different accesses to fresh, running water in order to be the most attractive to any type of cat. Each cat has a preference depending on its size, position and vision. It is necessary to provide different access points (jet, waterfalls, moving water surface) to allow cats to have the choice without having to bend their moustache.
  • The fountain should fit easily into any room in the home and provide a healthy, soothing feeling.
  • The pump or motor of the fountain should be quiet and the splashing of the water should make a soothing sound, otherwise it will scare your cat away from drinking from the fountain.

In order to encourage your cat to drink water, we recommend you take a look at the different types of cat water fountains on Amazon.

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