Do you understand your cat’s language? Cats quizz

Your cat spends his time sleeping and hunting but also observing you and therefore knows perfectly the meaning of the small gestures of your daily life. But do you know how to understand and interpret his expressions, his attitudes, his postures and the sounds he makes?

Here are a few questions to test your knowledge of your cat’s way of communicating.

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    Your cat scratches the carpet while trying to:

    • Mark the limits of its territory
    • Stretch
    • Maintain its long claws
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    Your cat is constantly in your legs and rubbing against you:

    • He asks for caresses
    • He wants to show that you are his
    • He itches himself
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    Your cat swings his tail from right to left:

    • He is on the lookout for a prey
    • He is not happy and will attack you
    • He is happy
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    The cat’s back is arched when it stretches:

    • To relieve the vertebrae
    • To ask for a cuddle
    • To show his irritation
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    Your cat kneads your sweater on your chest with his paws:

    • He asks you for caresses
    • He deposits pheromones
    • He does as with his mother when he was breastfeeding
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    When he has his ears back :

    • Your cat is not happy
    • Your cat is nervous
    • Your cat has seen a fly
  • Question of

    The purring cat is :

    • Sick
    • Angry
    • Happy
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    The growls are a sign:

    • Of fear
    • Of anger
    • Of dissatisfaction
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    Your cat is chattering his teeth while uttering little cries in front of the window:

    • He sees a potential “invisible” prey
    • He wants you to open the window
    • He is sick
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    You are playing with your cat; suddenly his eyes turn black:

    • He will get angry and bite you
    • It is normal, he is excited by the game
    • He is tired of playing

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