Do you understand your cat’s language? Cats quizz

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    Your cat scratches the carpet while trying to:

    • Mark the limits of its territory
    • Stretch
    • Maintain its long claws
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    Your cat is constantly in your legs and rubbing against you:

    • He asks for caresses
    • He wants to show that you are his
    • He itches himself
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    Your cat swings his tail from right to left:

    • He is on the lookout for a prey
    • He is not happy and will attack you
    • He is happy
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    The cat’s back is arched when it stretches:

    • To relieve the vertebrae
    • To ask for a cuddle
    • To show his irritation
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    Your cat kneads your sweater on your chest with his paws:

    • He asks you for caresses
    • He deposits pheromones
    • He does as with his mother when he was breastfeeding
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    When he has his ears back :

    • Your cat is not happy
    • Your cat is nervous
    • Your cat has seen a fly
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    The purring cat is :

    • Sick
    • Angry
    • Happy
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    The growls are a sign:

    • Of fear
    • Of anger
    • Of dissatisfaction
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    Your cat is chattering his teeth while uttering little cries in front of the window:

    • He sees a potential “invisible” prey
    • He wants you to open the window
    • He is sick
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    You are playing with your cat; suddenly his eyes turn black:

    • He will get angry and bite you
    • It is normal, he is excited by the game
    • He is tired of playing