Test your knowledge about cats in ten questions! Cats Quizz

The cat is a very mysterious animal. Underneath his cunning looks, our little feline sometimes hides amazing physical or genetic abilities.

As regular readers of Cats World, you know him well. But are you aware of all the little features that make him a unique animal?

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    To which animal species does the cat belong?

    • Reptiles
    • The birds
    • The mammals
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    What are the two most developed senses of the cat?

    • Hearing and touch
    • Sight and hearing
    • Smell and taste
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    The cat has :

    • More bones than us
    • Less bones than us
    • The same number of bones as us
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    How many different sounds can the cat make?

    • 43
    • 53
    • 63
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    Comment le chat montre-t-il qu’il est effray√© ?

    • By running and hiding
    • Attacking
    • By doing the big back
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    At what age can a cat have kittens?

    • 5 months
    • 7 months
    • 9 months
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    How long does a cat keep the kittens in her belly?

    • Nine days
    • Nine weeks
    • Nine months
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    What does he mainly do during the day?

    • He eats
    • He grooms himself
    • He sleeps

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