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Stress Issues in Cats

Cats are compassionate creatures, and they have some chances of becoming frustrated by their surroundings and how others react when they see them and how they deal with them. It can make cats feel relaxed when you massage them or help them out, both mentally and physically, because stress in cats can make them uncomfortable.

However, you can help out your cats and make them feel safe with you when you discover signs of stress in cats. It will gradually make them resilient, and you will be able to handle them more efficiently.

Causes of Stress in Cats

You may begin to see changes in your little creature’s behavior. You may find it feeling very uneasy at certain times. Here are some of the reasons that develop stress in the felines over time.

Territory Change and Boredom

Some basic things that you can avoid to make your pet feel less stressed include boredom or some territory changes. If you change home settings, it can unease them. Your young felines are always sensitive to place changes or surroundings.

Competition with Other Pets

When there are more pets in the house, they may not feel like the managers of that place, which is stressful for them. Similarly, when there’s some competition between more cats at home, then they can stress out.

Loud Noisy Areas

Some cats can’t stand loud noises, so they do not feel good in such places.

Emotional Attachment

Sometimes, if a person feels stressed out about something, the cats may adopt the same thing. This shows that a person’s emotions can make cats feel the same too.

Resistant to Strangers

Similarly, if there are people in your home that are strangers to your cat, it can lead to discomfort.

It’s better to help your cats out in such cases, so they feel much more comfortable to live at your place. Here are some of the signs that can help you recognize the stress prevalent in cats.

Signs of Stress in Cats

Specific signs of stress are noticeable in our little felines. When you see some uneasiness in your cats, do consult with their veterinarian. It can help you understand whether it’s a medical issue or a stressful one.

However, the significant signs of stress in cats can be recognized as inappropriate or unseemly elimination and diarrhea. Loss of appetite and extra clinging of your pet shows its problematic behavior. If the presence of more cats irritates your pet, it can be due to the bullying of others. Pushing your cat out of areas where it is happy can be a reason for anxiety. If your cat starts hiding more often, you can predict its stress. It may begin overeating at times.

Other than that, if there is a disturbance in your cat’s sleeping schedule, it cannot be very reassuring for it. Cats do not use their litter trays when they are facing issues related to stress. They can litter anywhere else but not the litter box. They also do not tolerate people much in such times.

Treatment of Stress in Cats

To combat stress in cats, we can’t heed to medical treatment alone. But we have to find out a way to make it feel better by other means as well. Its litter box should be all clean. You should provide it sufficient food in the bowl and fewer areas of noise. Every pet needs enough time to cuddle and play, so do your cats.

Apart from that, some diffusers also help in creating a calm environment where cats feel good. If you have many hiding places in your home, that can help your cat feel safe. It would help if you tried to keep the same routine every day for your cats.  When they’ll be used to it, they’ll stay active. The dynamic behavior reduces stress.

Many medications are also available for the management of stress in cats. Consulting with a veterinarian helps you know more about your pet’s behaviors during anxiety and stress.


Stress is a pervasive factor in the understanding of your cats. When you see your pet uneasy, you can look for things that make it healthy to survive. Many things, as described above, can help you in that. Try to spend more time with your pet and make it feel good at your place. It can help it stay less aggressive and healthier too. Take out time to understand your cats and make sure you are not making it more difficult for them to survive around you.

In a word, it is essential to keep diet and sleeping patterns suitable for your cats. This will help you in making your cat feel better and make you a better pet-keeper.

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