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The Scottish Fold Cat

scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold, distinguished by its folded ears and endearing look, is a cat that many people refer to as “Zen”. Indeed, the Scottish Fold is an inherently calm, friendly and easy-going animal, making it an excellent companion cat.




Medium to large. The silhouette of the Scottish Fold is of the brevilinear type, i.e. its body is massive, its legs and its muzzle are relatively short, its head is broad, and its ears are small.


From 8 to 12 pounds for the female and over 12 pounds for the male.

Average life expectancy

13 to 15 years

Eye color

Blue, green, gold, copper, odd. The eye color is intense and matches the coat.

Coat type

There are two varieties of the breed, which are distinguished only by the length of their coat: the name Scottish Fold is given to the short haired variety while the medium haired variety is called Highland Fold. However, both have a dense coat, with a thick undercoat.

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