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The Scottish Fold Cat

sottish fold cat

Physical characteristics of the Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cat is a very round cat, with a large and muscular body, a strong bone structure and short robust legs ending in round feet. The head is broad and particularly rounded, resembling an owl’s head. In the middle of it there is a short nose and a curved muzzle, giving the impression of a permanent smile. The eyes are round, of a color matching the coat, which gives it an expression of sweet innocence. The tail is of medium length and is thick at the base with a rounded tip.

Obviously, the defining attribute of the Scottish Fold is the folded shape of its ears. There are several degrees of folding: the single fold, where the cat has ears that fold from the middle, and the double fold, which is defined by ears completely flattened on the head.

The Scottish Fold’s coat is dense, soft, and has a thick undercoat. There are two varieties of the breed, distinguished only by the length of their coat: the Scottish Fold, which has a short coat, and the Highland Fold, which has a semi-long coat.

As for the coat, all colors are allowed, in all shades and patterns possible.

Did you know?

At birth, about half of Scottish Folds kittens have straight ears. Their ears will fold when the kittens reach 3 or 4 weeks of age.

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