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The Scottish Fold Cat

scottish fold cat

Grooming the Scottish Fold Cat

The coat of the Scottish Fold is easy to maintain; weekly brushing is enough to keep the hair silky and remove dead hair.

However, its ears require special attention. They must be checked and cleaned scrupulously several times a week to avoid the appearance of ear parasites.

Is the Scottish Fold cat right for you?

Required space

  • The Scottish Fold is a calm, yet lively cat that doesn’t require much space to expend its energy.
  • They are not the type to run and climb around. That said, the Scottish Fold does need some interactive exercise to stay in peak condition.
  • It is the perfect companion for people who are living in apartments.

The ideal master

  • The soft and calm character of the Scottish Fold makes it particularly suitable for quiet people.
  • The Scottish Fold needs a loving and available owner to take care of him every day (play sessions, cuddles, checking the ears, etc.).
  • Note that the Scottish Fold likes the company of humans and gets along very well with dogs and children.

Things to note

The Scottish Fold’s diet must be carefully monitored, since it is a little greedy! Since this cat is already very plump and not very active, it is essential to manage the food portions so that it does not gain weight – especially since excess weight could affect its fragile joints.

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