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Why do Cats Bite and Tips to Prevent it

We all know that cats are not at all dangerous creatures. They are polite and adorable buddies. If they start biting, you can feel that unpleasant. But to the cat, there may be many factors.

Cats bite when they are facing anxiety and stress issues. They may also bite in fear when someone touches them. But above all, it’s not always aggression that causes them to bite.

Cats come in the category of predators. They are naturally used to little scratching, biting, or jumping on a person. But if this is severe, then you must take some action.

You have to differentiate the aggressive behavior and natural play to avoid any cat bites or infections.

Reasons of Cat-Biting  

It is imperative for you to understand cat language. Sometimes it is trying to communicate to you through biting. Its biting can be a symbol to restrain you from doing something.

People often complain about the unprovoked cat biting and aggressive behavior of cats. At times, cats may be playing around peacefully but then bite at the spot.

Cats bites can be perceived to symbolize that they are not somewhat happy in that company. They try to move out of that environment sometimes. So we have to help them out.

Petting and Cat-Biting  

When a cat starts biting while you are taking care of it, this might not be aggressive behavior. Sometimes your cat has taken enough love, and they don’t want more.

It will help if you do not force it to stay on your lap. This may make them aggressive, and sudden biting may occur. Simply understand cat’s body language and engage with it when needed.

Playing and Cat-Biting  

Sometimes while playing, your cat comes around and bites you out of the blue. This is not a mystery. It is just because your cat is enjoying its play, and it is naturally biting you on its hunt.

You can make a special bond with them and make them realize that biting is not the right way. Start rewarding your cat when it does not bite and only uses its paws. This will help it grow with good behaviors.

You can also use toys to distract your cat. Provide it with toys so it can play with them. It can bite them and practice its natural abilities to bite. In this way, you will stay safe from cat-bites.

Cat-Biting Out of Aggression  

You can easily figure out when your cat is aggressive and is being rude to you. It happens when your cat is in a fighting mood and is not settling. You have to train it to stop that.

Your cat needs to know that her aggressive behavior would not be tolerated at all. So it should behave like a good pet. Give her rewards when she obeys you.

Sometimes your pets may forget about these manners. Do not try to be harsh with them. It will make them uneasy, and they won’t obey you. They may lead to further aggressiveness.

How to Avoid Cat-Biting  

You don’t have to imply to your cat that it should follow you. Sometimes it may want to be free to move around. There are some basic things you need to know in order to deal with cat biting.

First of all, do not tolerate aggressive behavior easily. Train your cat to be polite. You have to teach your cat that hands are not objects to be played with. They should not be used for cat biting.

You can provide your cats with toys that it can bite, and you can be safe from them. There should be many toys, so your cat does not come back to you to fight.

Do not use punishments if your pet bites you. You can make them understand that it hurts when they bite. What you can do is snatch your hand away when they bite. This would signal them that they have hurt you.

In such cases, they would not bite again. If you go for physical punishments, it can aggravate your cat, and it may not obey you again easily.


Now we know that dealing with cat-biting may be tricky but not complicated. Just help your buddy in knowing that biting is not a good habit. Also, avoid punishing it if it does not obey you. Be patient and make sure you are rewarding your cat every time it obeys your command.

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